Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sewing adventures!

Hello girls!

Nothing new with my cross stitching progress :( I didn't start the second girl yet as I promised but I made something different this weekend.

I made this colorful pillowcase!

Don't you guys think it's cute? I think I made a little progress with the patchwork lessons on youtube :D

I made this kitchen towel too! I had to use the ultra bond paper, I don't have the sewable one and I had a hard time on sewing this 'cause it is thick and full of glue..the sewing machine almost went broken with it..

I did some fabric paiting too :D

That's it for today! Hope to be back soon with some progress with cross stitching.

I wish you all an awesome weekend and holiday 'cause next week we have carnival!!

XOXO, Isa.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Egypt girl is done!

Hello girls!

I'm trying to show you the progress I made with "World Collection" since last weekend but my camera died. Everytime I try to put the lenses it gives me an error message....what a blast! I am now using the cell phone. I'll  have to save a lot of money to buy another one by the middle of the year..unfortunately, things here in Brazil are way too expensive 'case the government taxes are too damn high. :(

Instead of crying rivers for this terrible loss, I'll show you my egyptian girl.

Isn't she cute? I think that they will all look amazing together at the end of the project! I'm planning to stitch one girl a week.

Today I sewed two bathroom towels for donation!

I really hate to stitch on towels but this time I had the idea of stitching on white aida and sew, so I didn't have to worry with the back :D clever girl! ;)

I had a hard time on fiding aida here in my a matter of fact I am having a hard time on  trying to find almost everything I need for crafting in here..even the white towels I wanted. 

The craft stores here are closing, I don't know why but I can tell you that the downtown area, where most part of the popular stores are located (how do you call it in english?) are being taken by the chinese! Lots of popular stores with those 1,99 things from China.

And so I found the aida I wanted in this little tiny old store..

They are almost getting closed. It used to be a huge place but they sold part of the house to be used as they use only a little room of the house. I took this picture from the internet, there you can see the whole store and the two little doors they are using now.

It is sad..The downtown area is an historical place with lots of  gorgeous buildings. These two pictures show the same street..back in 1900's and today..a real crap. You can see the same buildings in the pictures.

I'll try to write more about it next time and show you some more pictures. I really love talking about historical places and buildings :D

Have a blessed week!

XOXO, Isabella.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Hello everybody!

First of all I wanna thank all the messages I received during this period of absence. The end of the year was kinda tuff together with January. I was all by myself with an entire house to take care of and this really absorbed all of my energy. I had to be a mother of three, a wife, a housewife and a driver....I do have someone to help me with all of this but this person was on vacation.

Remember the pillowcase I made with the little bear and the butterflies? Well, last month my husband's friend sent me this lovely picture of his niece with the pillow in the back. If there is one thing I really love is to see my gifts being used!

Oh my, she is a lovely japanese little angel! :D

Last month I tried to learn some about patcworking too and I made two table runners..

No big deal..I am just a begginer but I plan to go further on learning about it...maybe I can do something better in the future :D For now I am only "testing" techniques.

I miss cross stitching so so badly! I received the "Mini Village" book together with other patterns from Soda But I didn't have the chance to start anything yet. The thing is that I don't have the fabric color for the project..I only have white aida. The whole thing is 242w x 372h and if I use the 14ct ainda I have it will turn into a huge thing for framing.

I'll have to figure out what to do. I don't wanna spend lots of money to buy this fabric online but it seems almost impossible to find it in, I decided to start a new project yesterday.

I'm going to stitch all these girls! The mini version fits perfecly (269w x 58h)

I wish you all an awesome weekend!

XOXO, Isa.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Soda SO-3162 Love Forever

Ta da! One more Soda done!

SODA SO-3162 "Lover Forever"
Started on november 9th
Ended on December 07th
Stitched on white 14ct Dohler aida.

It took me more time than the usual to finish this one 'cause I left it aside to stitch 3 projects that you saw on the other posts but I must confess that I fell in love with it :D

Sunday was productive! I woke up at 6 in the morning to finish the Soda pattern.. after that I sewed a couple of  kitchen towels and finished a towel for my little son.

I really hate stitching on towels 'cause the back of it has to be perfect and it takes a lifetime to get it done..besides that, the weave of the fabric is a blast! The crosses never get perfect but I gave my best and I suppose my back is good :D

"Matheus" means Matthew in english. I have to stitch a few more but I get shivers down my spine just to think about it..oh my! I know the theme of the towel is "airplanes" but he is crazy about cars..nobody will notice...eheheh.

Well...I have to think about something new to stitch..

I wish you all a nice week!

XOXO, Isa.
Oi pessoal! Finalmente posso dizer que emu Soda está prontinho! Levei mais tempo para terminar esse pois tive que deixar de lado para preparar mais 3 projetos que vcs viram anteriormente mas devo dizer que me apaixonei por esse ultimo projeto.
O domingão foi bem produtivo! Acordei bem cedinho, as 6 da matina para terminar o Soda, depois disso fiz dois paninhos de copa e terminei uma toalha para meu filho calula, Matheus.
Odeio de morte bordar em toalhas pois tenho que fazer avesso perfeito e isso demora uma vida! Além do mais, a trama do tecido é uma coisa de doido de cruzes nunca ficam bonitinhas e uniformes mas eu me esforcei bastante e acho que meu avesso ficou bem legal. Tenho mais algumas para bordar mas me dá arrepios só de pensar...ah, o tema da toalha é de aviões mas ele gosta tanto de carros que resolvi ignorar o tema..eheheh, acho que ninguém vai notar..
Bom, agora é pensar em algo novo para bordar e colocar esse projeto na moldura!
Beijos! Isa.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Told I was gonna stitch the girl...

Soda SO-4113 Can you see my mind? (girl)
Started on December 2nd
Ended on December 3rd
Stitched on hand dyed 14ct aida (Dohler)

The aida was hand dyed and I used a stencil for the polka dots. The only thing I regret is that I chose the wrong color (the pink I used is too strong)  for the little girl looks sick..seems that she has chickenpox, eheheheh.

Today I feel like showing some cute stuff in here. I have a friend who onwns a little store for kids and she asked me to take some shots of her producs..She has some cute acessories and clothes for girls there.

Sometimes I get kinda sad because I only have boys but when I think about how expensive it is to have a girl around I thank God that I have boys...ehehehe. On the other hand, I have my nieces to spoil and I do this like an on spoling other people's little girls...

This little piece I finished will go to my youngest niece who is also my goddaugther :D

Hope to show this finish sewed as soon as possible.

XOXO, Isabella.
Olá amigas!
Disse que iria fazer a garotinha não foi?
O etamine foi pintado usando tinta para tecidos e as bolinhas foram feitas com estêncil. Só me arrependo de ter escolhido uma cor muito forte para fazer essas bolinhas...minha pequenina parece doente, com catapora..eheheheh.
Hoje me deu vontade de mostrar coisas fofas por aqui. Aproveito a oportunidade para mostrar algumas fotos que fiz para uma amiga que tem uma lojinha de roupas infantis.. tudo muito lindinho!
às vezes eu fico meio triste de não ter uma filha mas depois que penso no quão caro que é ter uma menina, dou graças à Deus de ter meninos! Por outro lado tenho minhas sobrinhas para estragar e eu sou expert em fazer isso...mimar as filhas dois outros...ehehehe, minha cunhadinha "adora".
Esse bordadinho vai para uma almofada que irei dar para minha sobrinha mais nova que é também minha afilhada.
Espero poder mostrar o trabalho pronto em breve.

Friday, November 29, 2013

SODA SO-4114 Can you see my mind?

Hello everybody!

I'm finally done with the pillowcase!
SODA SO-4114 Can you see my mind?
Stitched on 14ct hand dyed aida from Döhler
Started on Nov, 27th
Ended on Nov. 29th

Isn't cute? I wanted to make something really simple 'cause there aren't too many choices of blue fabric here in my sewing stuff. The hand dyed aida matched perfectly, don't you think? thinking about stitching the girl...

There are some cute details too :D. I'm not an expert with the sewing machine but I try to make my best. :D

XOXO, Isabella
Oi pessoal!
Finalmente terminei a almofadinha do Matheus!
Eu gostei muito! Queria fazer uma coisinha bem simples pois não tenho muitas opções de tecido azul aqui. Achei que o tecido pintado de azul combinou bastante com o resto!
Tem uns detalhes que fiz na máquina também! Não sou expert em costura mas procuro dar o meu melhor :D
Beijos mil! Isa.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hello everybody!

I started something new yesterday..

I made a huge progress during the night. I wanna prepare a pillowcase for my son. I used a sponge and fabric paint ink (I really don't know the name for it in english) to dye the aida I'm using...wanted to make something different and I really enjoy it.

Not too much progress with "Love Forever". The hair is the part that I hate most...I get bored stitching hair. I wanted to finish during the weekend but I had to drop it. Hope to get it done next week.

I bought new patterns yesterday too :D I want to stitch something big during the year of 2014. I keep seeing you girls with huge projects and I tought it will be fun to stich something in parts. I chose a Soda, of course. There are 13 parts, not 12..I'll have to manage this to get it done by the end of next year.

XOXO, Isa.
Olá pessoal! Comecei um novo projeto ontem. Acho que fiz um bom progresso durante a noite. Queria muito fazer uma nova capinha de travesseiro para meu filho e decidi bordar esse menino. Usei uma esponja e duas tonalidades de tinta para tecido para fazer o matizado no etamine..gostei demais do resultado, ficou bem delicado.
Sem muito progresso no meu projeto "Love Forever" Odeio demais bordar deixa entediada demais. Prometi que iria acabar no final de semana mas tive que deixar de lado por pura preguiça. Espero conseguir terminar até a semana que vem!
Também comprei gráficos novos. De tanto ver as meninas bordando grandes projetos acabei comprando um grande gráfico para bordar durante o ano inteiro de 2014. O gráfico tem 13 partes. Terei que gerenciar direitinho para conseguir terminar no final do ano que vem. Meu compromisso já está selado! :D
Beijos mil, Isa.