Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New project!

Hey there!

This time I´m popping up to tell you about my new project, "Sky's the limit" by Emily Peacock, from Cross Stitcher Magazine Nº 07 (254) 2012.

No Soda Designs this time... I wanted something kinda vintage 'cause I'm having some ideas to let my living room like a living room should be (right now it serves me like a deposit).

Planning to have a wall with some cute cross stitch designs and other kind of things like pictures and illustrations, different from my hall.

The first part of it was kinda boring due to long blue rays around the balloon.. it took me more than 26 yards of embroidery floss to finish it and now I'm stitching the coolest part :D

Really can't wait to see it done!



Saturday, May 2, 2015


Hi, how is it going people?!? Hope evebopdy is doing okay :D

Last month was my son's birthday and I prepared a mini party at home, just for the family, no big deal.

I chose the Despicable me theme

I had only one week to prepare everything 'cause I decided to prepare the party really late.

I took a look on the internet and found some cool ideas for a simple birthday party table without spending lots of money.

It took me 2 days to paint those letters 'cause I had to sand and paint each letter for about 4 times..kkkk

Those soda bottles were made by a friend of mine, covered with balloons :)

I bought those minions made of biscuit on the internet.

 They are really cute.

And he is growing.. lots of wonderful memories from the past birthday parties

That's it people! 
I wish you all an awesome weekend!