Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Hello from the other side... la la la. Hahaha!

One year and 6 days after my last post and I'm finally back to show something!

Looking for something to bring me back to craft world I found this cute star pattern on Pinterest so I sewed up a simple patchwork pillowcase to give to a baby boy.

I don't have much scraps or fabric in blue. I found this red old print of birds and I decided to use, do you guys this it's girlish? I think that it can be used for a baby boy perfectly.

Not an expert on patchwork but I'm learning watching videos. Here in my city there's no place to learn and there's no supplies too..unfortunately.

Sorry about this terrible english too.. kkkk. Sometimes I think about writing it all in portuguese but I have to practice somehow, hope you don't mind.