Thursday, January 29, 2015

Soda SO-G22 - World collection

I told ya I was gonna finish those girls and I did, after almost 10 months.

Soda SO-G22. World Collection
Stitched in white Dohler Aida
Started on February 10th of 2014
Finished on January, 9th of 2015

I had to drop the korean girl because I went out of some flosses... as you know, they don't sell DMC in Brazil anymore :(

I had my girls washed and I made the passe-partout to send them for framing. If you wanna take a look, just follow the link for the tutorial.

I can say I was very very happy to see it finished because I kept promising myself I was gonna end this project but everytime I had free time to stitch, I got lazy. Finishing it made me wanna wish to stitch again, and I did..I chose the pin-up girls (Soda SO-G70)

And it's almost done! I plan to stitch only 4 girls but I hope I don't take 10 more months to finish them! ehehehehehe

Take care!
XOXOXO, Isabella.