Thursday, January 29, 2015

Soda SO-G22 - World collection

I told ya I was gonna finish those girls and I did, after almost 10 months.

Soda SO-G22. World Collection
Stitched in white Dohler Aida
Started on February 10th of 2014
Finished on January, 9th of 2015

I had to drop the korean girl because I went out of some flosses... as you know, they don't sell DMC in Brazil anymore :(

I had my girls washed and I made the passe-partout to send them for framing. If you wanna take a look, just follow the link for the tutorial.

I can say I was very very happy to see it finished because I kept promising myself I was gonna end this project but everytime I had free time to stitch, I got lazy. Finishing it made me wanna wish to stitch again, and I did..I chose the pin-up girls (Soda SO-G70)

And it's almost done! I plan to stitch only 4 girls but I hope I don't take 10 more months to finish them! ehehehehehe

Take care!
XOXOXO, Isabella.


summer said...

They are so lovely and cute! :) it's great to see you back stitching again :)) Happy days and happy stitching :)

Mii Stitch said...

Hello stranger!! :) Why didn't you e-mail me and asked if I could send you the missing DMC??? I would have been happy to help.... nevertheless, they are all absolutely gorgeous! Your choice of frame and colours is just perfect xxx

Preeti said...

So cute !! I have always loved your Soda stitching :)
Glad to see you after a long time. I haven't got to stitching soda projects you had sent me. Hopefully very soon I will start.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Oh my goodness, they're adorable! Beautiful stitching and framing. You did such a lovely job!

Anonymous said...

Lindo! Nossa acho lindo esses gráficos soda. Mas nunca bordei nenhum acho tão difícil. Mas os seus são perfeitinhos bjs.

Ana said...

Lindo! Maravilhoso! :)

Muitos parabéns!!!!!!

Não conhecia o gráfico das pin-up girls. Adorei! Estou desejosa de ver as tuas 4 meninas bordadas.

Beijinhos e boas cruzes.

Cris Mello said...

Boa Noite Isa
Que lindo trabalho, o quadro ficou maravilhoso!!!
Amei a escolha da pinup girl, ficarão lindas bordadas neste tecido.
Quero ver o bordado finalizado, vc é uma artista e sempre nos surpreende!
Bom final de semana!!!
Monte de bjsss

KaT said...

que lindo quadro!!! adorei!!
tambén encomendei uns gráficos da Soda a pouco tempo!

Emma/Itzy said...

Super cute finish, and that really sucks they don't sell DMC any more :(

Varla Lee said...

Hey ya desapeared!! How r u?? ^_^
Beautiful work! I love the colors. A big hug!

Gislene Ellery said...

Quanta lindeza Isa!!! 😍😍

Annette said...

I followed it all on Facebook.
And I love seeing it!
You choose such awesome design and you work so neat.
You really stitch so beautfull.
Congratz on you finish
And your next piece is also close to finish!
I really have to finsih my soda too..
Hope to finish it this month!!

happy stithcing