Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hello everybody!

Hi everybody!

Shame on me! I am almost a ghost here hun?! Sorry for the disappearance!!! I have lots of photos today :D

I have no excuses to give you for not being present, I only can say that things were happening around here and I forgot about the crafting world a little :D

I forgot about my little girls too! I only have three done but I promised myself that they are gonna be done this semester :D

I have another thing to show you...take a look at this cute Matrioska Pillow:

I ordered from a friend of mine, Marcia Marinho. She sews perfectly! This pillowcase it's just darling! It's about 17 inches high and she used my favorite colors!

There is another thing I wanna second patchwork pillowcase:

I really love vibrant colors! It was super easy to do! I used half squares to make triangles..I'll try to show you how easy this is next time :D

The last thing is my son's 7 years birthday party last monday. He is a special kid and he loves peppa I decided to surprise him with this cute birthday table:

All the tableware were customized by my brother and I printed and glued everything. I had lots of help from 3 friends of mine for the decoration :D I use to say that if you have good friends, you have everything.

Matheus went crazy when he saw the cake!

The party was awesome! My apartment is so tiny but eveybody came to make him happy!

This is my aunt, she just turned 60,  together with my son and that's why she is blowing candles with him :D

This is only part of the people, the living room was full!

This is party of my family..

 My two oldest sons

  Husband and I

My two adorable brothers

I am a happy happy woman!

Hope u all liked :D XOXOXO, Isa.