Friday, February 7, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Hello everybody!

First of all I wanna thank all the messages I received during this period of absence. The end of the year was kinda tuff together with January. I was all by myself with an entire house to take care of and this really absorbed all of my energy. I had to be a mother of three, a wife, a housewife and a driver....I do have someone to help me with all of this but this person was on vacation.

Remember the pillowcase I made with the little bear and the butterflies? Well, last month my husband's friend sent me this lovely picture of his niece with the pillow in the back. If there is one thing I really love is to see my gifts being used!

Oh my, she is a lovely japanese little angel! :D

Last month I tried to learn some about patcworking too and I made two table runners..

No big deal..I am just a begginer but I plan to go further on learning about it...maybe I can do something better in the future :D For now I am only "testing" techniques.

I miss cross stitching so so badly! I received the "Mini Village" book together with other patterns from Soda But I didn't have the chance to start anything yet. The thing is that I don't have the fabric color for the project..I only have white aida. The whole thing is 242w x 372h and if I use the 14ct ainda I have it will turn into a huge thing for framing.

I'll have to figure out what to do. I don't wanna spend lots of money to buy this fabric online but it seems almost impossible to find it in, I decided to start a new project yesterday.

I wish you all an awesome weekend!

XOXO, Isa.


Lumiruusu said...

So nice to see You are blogging again ! I love all Your Soda stitchings!

Greetings from Finland,
Maija /Lumiruusu

Mii Stitch said...

So so happy you're back sweetie!!! :) Your new Soda designs are fabulous and you already made a fantastic new start... What type of fabric do you need for the big one?? Hugs xx

Valma said...

soooooo great to read about you sweetie =)
you've been very busy ! but your first attempts at patchwork are really great ! I want to try a bit this year too, maybe I'll find time for this hehehe :)
your new projects are so sweet
I have a new SODA ready to be started too, the one with the costumes of bees =D
But before that other pieces to do !
great new start of a beautiful pattern
and this lovely little girl hooooo so cute =)
take care sweetie
big big hugs
(PS :is my parcel arrived ?? :-/ I think I'll arrive too late =( ...)

Christiane Garcia said...

Isa, que fofura a bebezinha! Sua almofada realmente ficou linda!
Amei seus projetos de patchwork e tenho certeza que os bordados vão ficar lindos! Achei lindo o gráfico da menina egípcia!
Que bom ter vc de volta! bjs

Sarah in Stitches said...

Welcome back, Isabella! Your projects are so cute - I've been thinking of picking up patchwork, but it's a little intimidating. Was it easy to learn?

Preeti said...

Great to see you again, Isabella!! :)
your patchwork looks perfect even if you are at beginner level. It is so lovely to see your sweet design being used by a cute little baby:)
Here in India, we get white and cream colored aida fabric. Did you try dyeing the fabric? I never tried it thinking that it is another big task. Your new starts are very cute as always :)

Patrícia Faria said...

Que bom que voltou Isa ^.^
Linda essa Japonesinha, rs! Que coincidência tbm recebi uma foto de uma menininha com uma almofada que fiz, tbm fico muito feliz quando vejo que estão gostando do que eu faço.
Tenho muita vontade de aprender patcwork, seus caminhos de mesa estão lindos ;)
Bom final de semana, beijos!

Marly said...

Oi, Isabella,

Bem vinda de volta! rsrs. O seu travesseirinho ficou lindo demais no bercinho da pequena japonesa! e os novos trabalhos já estão perfeitos, se os visse expostos em algum lugar, não imaginaria que são de uma aprendiz.

Um beijo e bom 2014!

Palkó said...

Welcome on board, Isa!!! :)
Your work are beautiful, the baby is very nice!
Hugs: Ildikó

KaT said...

finalmante voltaste!! já estava com saudades tuas =)

Annette said...

Op What a cute baby. Beautifull.
Indeed nothing Is niet too see you craft beving use!!
My neighbor use everything. I so love that then I get all idea to make more.

You attempt in patchwork Is awesome. I started to. But I only do normal square. Your going further. Great job. Keep Up trying!!

Ow my. So great soda stitch pattern. Mine Is calling. But first I have to make a bit more progress on my 2 other pieces.

Have a great craft time!!

Viver por Amor said...

I love your work in patch. Even in your start, it looks pretty nice done!:D
i never tried patch...i think it is dificult...maybe one day... :p

simone arrais said...

Ai, fiquei emocionada com este post... Primeiro, seu retorno, senti imenso sua falta. Depois, a foto do bebê japonês: linda! Para completar, as peças em patchwork! In one word: perfection! Amei o novo projeto Soda, essas bonequinhas são lindas! Enfim... Como vc viu, amei tudo! Seja bem vinda de volta, querida! 2014 promete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Timi said...

It seems your pillow-gift was a perfect gift for the little baby! :o)
And your tablerunner is beautiful!!!

Portal Ponto Cruz said...

Oba post novo! Já estava sentindo falta de mais uma novidade SODA na sua lista.

E que neném lindo é esse gente! Abençoada seja. muito fofa! Lembra minha sobrinha Bianca quando recém nascida. Que apesar que não ter descendência nipônica e sim plenamente italiana, nasceu com os olhos bem puxadinhos. =)

Aproveito para te desejar hoje um feliz aniversário!

Lia Gloria said...

Isaaa, que bom que voltaste!
Tomei um susto com a foto da bebê, pensei que fosse tua hahaha
Na verdade, fiquei com preguiça de ler, me atrapalhei um pouco com a tradução, mas enfim, entendi rs
Amei teus trabalhos em patchwork, adoooro.
Estou encantada com os motivos de bordado.
O post tá cheio de coisa linda!
Teus trabalhos são maravilhosos. Perfeitos.


Mónica Silva said...

Muitos parabéns Isabela tem o dia muito feliz beijinhos

Betty Gaeta said...

Oi Isabella,
Seu 2014 demorou para começar, mas espero que este seja um ótio ano para vc.
amei ver o seu travesseiro com a dona. Ela é mesmo uma anjinha.
Beijos 1000 e uma ótima 3ª-feira para vc.


Daiane Oliveira said...

ficaram lindos os caminhos de mesa

Anonymous said...


Your stitching is just lovely. What a sweet pillow.
Great quilting too.
Bramble x

Vickie said...

What a lovely gift for a precious baby. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. You are a no-reply commenter. If you want to change that you can on your dashboard.

Rita said...

Às vezes é mm assim..a vida mete-se no caminho e não há tempo para respirar!
Mãe de 3...meu Deus, eu mãe de um e já não tenho tempo para nada!!:p

A foto do bebé está super fofa! Que coisa linda...e a sua linda almofada atrás..fantastico:)) É mm bom vermos os nossos presentes a serem usados;)

Ah os SODA...q vicio q são! Já terminei o meu primeiro e já escolhi o 2º..simplesmente amei bordá-los!!:)
beijinhos e bem vinda;)