Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sewing adventures!

Hello girls!

Nothing new with my cross stitching progress :( I didn't start the second girl yet as I promised but I made something different this weekend.

I made this colorful pillowcase!

Don't you guys think it's cute? I think I made a little progress with the patchwork lessons on youtube :D

I made this kitchen towel too! I had to use the ultra bond paper, I don't have the sewable one and I had a hard time on sewing this 'cause it is thick and full of glue..the sewing machine almost went broken with it..

I did some fabric paiting too :D

That's it for today! Hope to be back soon with some progress with cross stitching.

I wish you all an awesome weekend and holiday 'cause next week we have carnival!!

XOXO, Isa.


Vanessa Biali said...

Oi, Isa!
Que linda almofada!!!!!!!! AMEI!!! Eu adoro coloridos e a sua está perfeita na composição de cores e estampas.
Eu também tenho aprendido bastante sobre costuras no Youtube. :) Salve Youtube!
Ai, as suas pinturas são as mais lindas que já vi. Impossível não se apaixonar pela delicadeza e doçura das tuas pinceladas.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful projects! I've been thinking of starting some patchwork projects too - was it easy?

Annette said...

Fabric paiting??
Really you can paint so pretty!
And stitch so beautifull, and sew so beautifull.,
Your a real artist!!
Have fun with your crafts!!

Manuela said...

Your pillow looks fantastic.

Greetings, Manuela

Mii Stitch said...

Everything is awesome!!! The patchwork pillow case is just lovely, the kitchen towel is adorable. I wouldn't want to use it, it's so pretty! :D And fabric painting look so pretty & fun... You have been a busy bee! Congrats, as always your work is fabulous xxx

Preeti said...

You did an amazing job with all of them, Isabella!! :)
You are very talented!! The patchwork is just so beautiful and I like the colored prints you have used. The kitchen towel is absolutely a stunning piece of work !! I too was thinking when I saw the pic as Mii said,'s too beautiful to use it, just hang it as a decor :)
Your fabric painting is cute as well, the shading and all ...perfect!!

Christiane Garcia said...

Isa, vc arrasa em todas as artes! A almofada ficou lindíssima. Amei sua pintura em tecido.
Parabéns! bjs

Mmanka said...

I fell in love with your colorful little pillow! And the fabric painting look so pretty, too.

Palkó said...

Wow! Very beautiful!!! :)

Valma said...

everything is so beautiful here =D
superb pillow case you've done !!!
great mixing of colours and great sewing ! very good job =)
and this towel is so cute
I'm the lucky owner of one of those treasures you do and each time somebody sees it the word is the same 'unbelievable' =D
Have a great week sweetie
big big hugs

Viver por Amor said...

Estou completamente apaixonada por esta almofada. MAs mesmo!!! Já a olhei vezes sem conta e estou mesmo fascinada!!!!

Christiane Garcia said...

Isa, adorei sua visita no blog. Estava com saudades. Achei demais ficar sem linha preta, foi acabando e eu nem me dei conta... No bazar aqui perto de casa tem um display gigante com todas as cores da Anchor, mas também ficaram sem a preta...rsrs...Vou comprar uma caixinha só de preta.
Um super bj