Sunday, February 16, 2014

Egypt girl is done!

Hello girls!

I'm trying to show you the progress I made with "World Collection" since last weekend but my camera died. Everytime I try to put the lenses it gives me an error message....what a blast! I am now using the cell phone. I'll  have to save a lot of money to buy another one by the middle of the year..unfortunately, things here in Brazil are way too expensive 'case the government taxes are too damn high. :(

Instead of crying rivers for this terrible loss, I'll show you my egyptian girl.

Isn't she cute? I think that they will all look amazing together at the end of the project! I'm planning to stitch one girl a week.

Today I sewed two bathroom towels for donation!

I really hate to stitch on towels but this time I had the idea of stitching on white aida and sew, so I didn't have to worry with the back :D clever girl! ;)

I had a hard time on fiding aida here in my a matter of fact I am having a hard time on  trying to find almost everything I need for crafting in here..even the white towels I wanted. 

The craft stores here are closing, I don't know why but I can tell you that the downtown area, where most part of the popular stores are located (how do you call it in english?) are being taken by the chinese! Lots of popular stores with those 1,99 things from China.

And so I found the aida I wanted in this little tiny old store..

They are almost getting closed. It used to be a huge place but they sold part of the house to be used as they use only a little room of the house. I took this picture from the internet, there you can see the whole store and the two little doors they are using now.

It is sad..The downtown area is an historical place with lots of  gorgeous buildings. These two pictures show the same street..back in 1900's and today..a real crap. You can see the same buildings in the pictures.

I'll try to write more about it next time and show you some more pictures. I really love talking about historical places and buildings :D

Have a blessed week!

XOXO, Isabella.


Annette said...

Indeed your Egypt girl is beautifull, how sory to hear of our camera,
Mine died a few year ago to, a long time I just my phone, till a got enough money to buy one again, there are crazy expensive!
Your towels look pretty.
Here I only have 1 craft store in teh erea,a nd I need to go for it to the city.
i need to order all from teh wb, beacause al stores close, and tehy only have a stitching stuff and a bit of crochet yarn.

It´s so terrible to see in all country how the streets getting worse and worse.
I´m very curious to more post about it, I always love learning new things and expecially about other country´s

Hang in tehre,
And have a great time with your needles

Christiane Garcia said...

Isa, os impostos no Brasil são ridículos!
Espero que vc consiga logo sua câmera.
É uma tristeza ver uma loja tão linda diminuindo...Os prédios históricos são realmente belíssimos.
Sua garota egípcia está uma graça.
Amei as toalhas! Os caracóis são muito fofos!
Te desejo uma linda semana! bjs

Mii Stitch said...

Your little Egypt girl is so sweet! Mind you, the whole Soda designs are cute :) Really love your work on the towels too. It's such a shame about the shop. In UK, high streets are also dying. Supermarkets are sadly taking over everywhere. Needless to say my LNS only sale basic craft items. If you don't want to buy a kit, then they don't stock it. I always have to order online... Take care sweetie!

Manuela said...

The little Egypt girl is very cute.
Your towels looks great. Beautiful aida borders.

Greetings, Manuela

Preeti said...

Your Egypt girl is very cute , Isabella!! :)
I love how you sewed the towels. It's difficult here as well to get craft supplies in one shop. They are scattered all over the older part of city and it is far from my place. I mostly order online in India. We get towels with aida fabric stitched on it. No matter what the color of the towel, they stitch only cream or white color aida on it. That's sometimes disappointing .

Trapos Fofos said...

Isabella infelizmente não é só no brasil que há a "praga" das lojas chinesas! Aqui em Portugal acontece o mesmo e muitas das vezes é complicado comprar os materiais.
Cada vez mais opto pela compra online em Inglaterra mas as taxas muitas das vezes também são caras...
Mas falando de coisas melhores: PARABÉNS pela menina Egípcia! É linda! Eu adoro os seus trabalhos e as Sodas são apaixonantes!

Beijinhos e boa semana querida

Sarah in Stitches said...

Oh wow, that sucks! I hate that they're shutting everything down like that. Over here I can't find supplies because they never had them to begin with! Cross-stitching is not very popular in this region, I guess. I can only find DMC flosses and white Aida - everything else I have to order online!

Valma said...

I enjoyed reading this story sweetie
not that I'm happy to learn about a shop closing no, but the pictures, your words...really touching
here also small stores are closing or are already closed :(
I need to go at about 50km from here to find what I want or to order on line...
and selling you things takes soooooo long...... =(
so sorry for your camera
I know it's the end of your arm...
but your stitchings are over sweet as usual !!
this Egypt girl is lovely, really beautiful
very well done with the towels also ! clever indeed =)
have a great week
big big hugs

Palkó said...

All are very nice!
Hugs :)

Emma/Itzy said...

Your stitching is looking really great. My city center here in the UK is the same, only 99p shops and charity shops. I have to buy almost all my crafting goods online now :(

Mmanka said...

Your Egypt girl is beautifull and the towels are cute, too. Here is the same, I have to buy almost all my crafting goods online.

Santa Clara Artesanato said...

Que lindo o São Francisco!
Quero convidar-te a participar da divulgação de blogs no

Luciana F. Damiano said...

Adorei os bordados de São Francisco e da menina egípcia!!

Marly said...

Oi, Isabella,

A pequena egípcia é mesmo uma graça! As toalhas também ficaram bonitas.
Achei interessante o fato de as lojas de artesanato (armarinhos?) daí estarem fechando, por causa das de 1,99. Aqui as duas convivem, rsrs. Aliás, acho que houve um revigoramento das lojas de artesanato e de material de costura/bordados.

Um beijo!

Vanessa Biali said...

Oi, Isa!
Que fofura essa bonequinha! Amei.
As toalhas também ficaram show.
Por aqui, tem bastante armarinhos. O que mais me entristece é a falta de preparo dos funcionários, que não sabem bem o que estão vendendo. :(
Beijos e ótimo fim de semana,

Rita said...

A bonequinha é tão fofa....gostei tanto:)) Todas juntas devem ficar fantasticas!! Estou curiosa para ver o progresso:))

Bem..adorei as toalhas..especialmente o dos caracois (são caracois, certo? lol)..já vi esse desenho pela web e spre o adorei..é fofo demais!!
E foi mto bem pensado bordares em aida e dps coseres...embora isso para mim seja um misterio! Já olhei bem de perto mas não faço ideia de como fizeste pq está perfeito na toalha!! Faltam-me saber assim este pormenores para dar um acabamento bem mais giro a algumas das minhas peças:)

Pois..por aqui acontece-nos o mesmo..estão a fechar imensas lojas no nosso centro histórico, que nós chamamos a baixa, onde sempre existiram imensas lojas! Ainda é onde eu gosto muito de ir fazer compras e passear...vou lá todos os sabados de manhã. Mas muitas lojas, e bem antigas, estão a fechar pq n conseguem fazer concorrência aos grandes centros comerciais e tb a essas malditas lojas dos chinesses que parecem cogumelos a abrir em todo o lado!! :(

Ainda vou tendo algumas lojas onde consigo comprar materiais para os meus crafts, mas não são muitas...acabo por comprar mto online.


Anonymous said...

Olá estou passeando pelo seu blog e gostando muito de tudo que vejo. Lindos seus bordados parabéns bjs.

Lia Gloria said...

Pois é, Isa, já percebi isso, as lojas de artesanato estão fechando...especialmente as que vendem material pra bordado.
Eu que não sou habituada em comprar nada pela internet, estou quase sem opção.
Belém é uma cidade linda! Pena que o povo não tem memória afetiva, e por isso não tentam preservar sua história.