Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Hello from the other side... la la la. Hahaha!

One year and 6 days after my last post and I'm finally back to show something!

Looking for something to bring me back to craft world I found this cute star pattern on Pinterest so I sewed up a simple patchwork pillowcase to give to a baby boy.

I don't have much scraps or fabric in blue. I found this red old print of birds and I decided to use, do you guys this it's girlish? I think that it can be used for a baby boy perfectly.

Not an expert on patchwork but I'm learning watching videos. Here in my city there's no place to learn and there's no supplies too..unfortunately.

Sorry about this terrible english too.. kkkk. Sometimes I think about writing it all in portuguese but I have to practice somehow, hope you don't mind.



Monday, July 6, 2015

Little bee..

Hello people!

And the year is passing by really fast, in a blink of an eye we are in July!

July is a very very hot month in here, it's school's break time when mommies get crazy with kids at home..eheheheh, and I have a kid in here that drives me crazy :)

I left my cross stitch aside and had the chance to paint something for a very special friend of mine. I made this cute little bee for her :D

I spent months without painting and sewing. It feels so so good to do something relaxing like crafting :D

And there you go, some shots from a hot sunday morning :D

Wish you all an awesome week!!!


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New project!

Hey there!

This time I´m popping up to tell you about my new project, "Sky's the limit" by Emily Peacock, from Cross Stitcher Magazine Nº 07 (254) 2012.

No Soda Designs this time... I wanted something kinda vintage 'cause I'm having some ideas to let my living room like a living room should be (right now it serves me like a deposit).

Planning to have a wall with some cute cross stitch designs and other kind of things like pictures and illustrations, different from my hall.

The first part of it was kinda boring due to long blue rays around the balloon.. it took me more than 26 yards of embroidery floss to finish it and now I'm stitching the coolest part :D

Really can't wait to see it done!



Saturday, May 2, 2015


Hi, how is it going people?!? Hope evebopdy is doing okay :D

Last month was my son's birthday and I prepared a mini party at home, just for the family, no big deal.

I chose the Despicable me theme

I had only one week to prepare everything 'cause I decided to prepare the party really late.

I took a look on the internet and found some cool ideas for a simple birthday party table without spending lots of money.

It took me 2 days to paint those letters 'cause I had to sand and paint each letter for about 4 times..kkkk

Those soda bottles were made by a friend of mine, covered with balloons :)

I bought those minions made of biscuit on the internet.

 They are really cute.

And he is growing.. lots of wonderful memories from the past birthday parties

That's it people! 
I wish you all an awesome weekend!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Pin Up Girls

Hello everybody!

It's been a while hun?!

I've been working on my Pin Up Girls project and I finished the first one.

SODA SO-G70 "The Pin up Girl"
Stitched on Linen
Started on January 15th
Finished on February 21st

Isn't it adorable? I plan to stitch only three girls. 

I had fun using the linen, it's easier to stitch and I'm learning how to use the circular hoops..some people say it's better when you want to get perfect "crosses". The only thing I can't change in my life is the back of my projects..

I know, it's a mess! Nobody will see it :D

Now I'm stitching the second girl..

I'm almost finishing :D

Wish you all an excellent weekend!!!!



Thursday, January 29, 2015

Soda SO-G22 - World collection

I told ya I was gonna finish those girls and I did, after almost 10 months.

Soda SO-G22. World Collection
Stitched in white Dohler Aida
Started on February 10th of 2014
Finished on January, 9th of 2015

I had to drop the korean girl because I went out of some flosses... as you know, they don't sell DMC in Brazil anymore :(

I had my girls washed and I made the passe-partout to send them for framing. If you wanna take a look, just follow the link for the tutorial.

I can say I was very very happy to see it finished because I kept promising myself I was gonna end this project but everytime I had free time to stitch, I got lazy. Finishing it made me wanna wish to stitch again, and I did..I chose the pin-up girls (Soda SO-G70)

And it's almost done! I plan to stitch only 4 girls but I hope I don't take 10 more months to finish them! ehehehehehe

Take care!
XOXOXO, Isabella.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Soda SO-4126. The bride on my own

And here I am, after a lifetime!

But I come up with some cute shots from my latest project..

Soda SO-4126. The Bride on my own.
Stitched in white Dohler Aida
Started on august 20th
Finished on September 23rd

A wedding ring pillow for a dear friend of mine :D 

I confess that I dindn't have good  ideas for sewing this piece but it came up at the end, thanks God! 

 Next project is a xmas card for a swap! Have to hurry up 'cause I'm stitching slowly.

Tons of kisses for you all! I wish you a nice weekend!

XOXO, Isa.